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Thread: Chassis bushes. 30 mm ?

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    Chuck em in the freezer so they shrink (apparantly) bit of a wives tale but ive heard it a few times.
    Cheers Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by 67hardtop View Post
    Fitting them in the chassis is the fun part. Clean out the hole with a flappy sanding disc roller. But dont take too much metal out. Fitting bushes in the spring is easy coz the spring is split and will spread open a bit when they are fitted. The chassis wont at all. Really good fun. I know.Chassis bushes.  30 mm ? Chassis bushes.  30 mm ?
    Use plenty of Graphite Grease, Coppercoat, Antiseize, or something similar.
    It makes it a dirty job, but far easier and better for the next time you have to change them,
    as this set won't last anywhere near as long as the originals did.
    Make sure you let them settle in for a week or so too, drive a few kays etc., before you nip the bolts and lock nuts right up.
    Otherwise the new bushes with be history in no time at all.
    The right "choice" of words and in the correct order, can help with the installation of some of the harder to get on with chassis bushes.

    As Rod said above...Have Fun

    Cheers, Mick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LRJim View Post
    Chuck em in the freezer so they shrink (apparantly) bit of a wives tale but ive heard it a few times.
    Cheers Jim
    It works.

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    Thanks all. I really appreciate the help. Cheers.

    'Maggie' 1960 Series 2 88, 2.25 Petrol 3MB

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