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Thread: 1964 2a Rebuild (Storm)

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    Mar 2013
    Bemm River
    Besides stressing over my nuts I managed to get a bit done today....honed cylinders

    Removed rear main and seal IMG_4778.jpg IMG_4781.jpg

    Made guides IMG_4782.jpg to install these IMG_4776.jpg new are a bit bigger than old, may be interesting to fit, on hold till I get some Hylomar sealer

    Turned to head and IMG_4783.jpg IMG_4785.jpg lapped in valves

    Noah's spring compressor IMG_4788.jpg

    Cheers Paul
    Puma 90........Ruby
    Puma 130......Pearl
    Series 2a 88............Jade

    2 x Series 2a 109 Holden 202 hardtop +Series 3 2.25 109 to be morphed into two Series2a 109 goers , if I can find them under all the rust

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    Blair Athol, Adelaide South Aust.
    I fitted a new rear main seal kit came with new metal half moon plate thingys. I also used silastic instead of those t seals. Too bloody hard to fit. Spose ill find out when i eventually get my diesel going...
    Cheers, Rod

    1967 Series 2a. 109 4 cyl petrol, Fairey o/drive, Athol Hedges roof.
    Currently undergoing rebuild.
    Will have-- soft top, 4 wheel disc brakes, salisbury rear diff, military colour, 12 pin nato socket, dual pintle hitch....

    1975 Series 3. 109 6cyl 186, 5 speed Nissan cabstar gearbox, mechanical winch, roo bar, kings awning, 50" light bar, roof rack, twin 6"light bars, kings awning tent.

    1969 NO. 5 trailer. ARN 176 464. soft top.

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