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Thread: Rebuilding Sid

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    Not particularly unusual. This was the normal setup for vehicles not using a starter relay, as there is no way the ignition switch can handle the start current. Series Landrovers did not use a stater relay until 1967 (except diesels).

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    I find the permanently live starter button a real boon my cars have stromberg carburettors and seem to lose prime after sitting for four or five days.
    Cranking the starter without ignition allows the carbie to prime up then turn the key press the button and bang your all fired up

    Cheers Paul
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    Itís coming together, slowly..progress so far

    Iíd decided to reuse the top and side rails as I could straighten them and it would leave some character in the piece. It really would be a lot easier to make new.

    Spot welding ally to birmabrite is a sodding nightmare. I took advice from the guy I bought my welder from and his recommendation works the best so far.

    Step one, loads of power, no up or downslope just blast a puddle. You have to clamp it really tight as well, I used a spot weld clamp which also heat sinks the top layer.

    Then clean it up

    Then go back in at lower amps and normal settings to fill the holes.

    Never going to be 100% and have to stay away from the edges, will need a bit of filler but thatís ok. The bit nearest the camera will be covered by the capping.

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