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Thread: Generic (non-Rover) parts for SIII

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    Generic (non-Rover) parts for SIII

    This is a thread for listing generic parts numbers from regular manufacturers used on SIII Land Rovers.

    Please check the all series generic parts list first. Series Generic parts information

    The thread is currently locked - if you have a generic part number that should be listed, PM me the details and I'll add it to the list.

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    A while ago I ordered a heater tap from the UK in amongst some other parts, when it arrived it didn't match the one fitted.
    I decided to hunt down a replacement and all I could find was the same one I was supplied from the UK, nothing looked like the one fitted. Checking parts books & manuals the heater fitted to mine didn't even look the same.

    Turns out the heater & valve were 'local' items.
    In the UK the valve is fitted to the engine and in Australia it's on the side of the heater.

    UK version on left, Australian on right

    Thanks to Jim at 4 Wheel Drives in Blackburn I found that the valve is from an XW Ford. I found that Rare Spares have them HEATER CONTROL TAP ASSY XR XT XW XY, ZA ZB ZC ZD $79 each. Also found them on Ebay ranging from $166 down to $75.

    I also noticed that the heater is shown under 'optional parts' for the UK which is a bit of a surprise.
    Also in UK rebuild articles they show rusty heater blower housings but the only ones I've seen here are plastic. Was this a later modification or again a 'local' thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfman_TWP View Post
    You can get these heater taps from here

    Code: HT2001

    The only thing you will need to do is to rotate it to suit the Landy..


    PS:Oops didn't see that you found them at Rare Spares. I bought 2 from them and they fit perfectly..

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