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Thread: Series 3 water temp transmitter/sensor

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    Series 3 water temp transmitter/sensor

    I have recently replaced the thermostat, radiator cap (10lb) and sensor in my 4cyl Series 3 petrol. The sensor I purchased was part number 560794 but when installed and filled the radiator the temp gauge shot up into the red in about 5 minutes or less. Thinking this was a faulty sensor I purchased another, same number 560794 but this was longer one. When I installed this one there was no reading at all. If it is the same part number why is one longer than the other and which one should I use. Any ideas?

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    Have been doing a bit of UK research and I think it must be the longer sensor is a dud, the shorter sends the temp into the red. I have seen sensors on line with black insulator ends also same part number so will try one of these.

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    What was the symptoms of the other sender failing? Could the issue be the 10 volt regulator? Does the fuel gauge read accurately?

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    Check wiring - make sure earth connection is ok.

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    Make sure you don't put thread tape or any sealant on the thread of the sender or it won't get an earth.

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    If the fuel gauge is reading correctly, the problem is not either the voltage stabiliser or its earth. If the fuel gauge is over-reading as well, the issue is the voltage stabiliser, and probably its earth rather than the stabiliser itself.

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    Background History…..
    I have owned the SWB for over 10 years and in that time it was only driven occasionally around a property with paddock wood runs and a few trips into the local town. As the trips were short there was no visible movement in the gauge and in general the vehicle was not given much attention. I have now relocated and the Landy is started more frequently and regularly driven in suburban traffic. As a result of greater use I have had to sort out a number items. Starter died (replaced with a reco 2a type M418G). Car hard to start (fitted new earth cable plugs and set of leads). Brakes very poor for local modern traffic (shoes and cylinders replaced). Clutch poor (master cylinder kit fitted). Engine Smokey (valve grind and hard seals replaced plus a general service).

    Reason for my post question…..
    Water temp not showing so replaced the sensor with a new one (long). Still not showing so decided to replace the sensor with another sensor (same part number however this one was shorter). This time the gauge moved and went into the red very quickly. Replaced the thermostat with an over the counter local auto store one, gauge still into red. Purchased and fitted skirted type thermostat and new round radiator cap from Landy parts supplier however radiator cap fell to bits. Found genuine round 10lb cap complete with chain and fitted. Drained the refilled the radiator. Gauge still into red.

    Petrol gauge reads ok.


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