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Thread: Wheels, tyres and studs ... again

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    This is from the VicRoads RWC guide

    Wheel Studs and Nuts
    The wheels must be securely attached with the correct number and type of nuts or bolts. Stud or bolt holes, and any locating washers, must not be expanded or elongated and all wheel and retainer tapers must match. All studs must be securely fitted and engage for at least the same thread length as provided originally by the vehicle manufacturer.

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    I’m a bit worried about my studs when it comes time for roadworthy, I had to replace some with new ones and they’re a mixture of lengths.
    Should I just replace them now or give it a shot??

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    I guess I take the conservative path with wheel nuts on any/all of my vehicles. I'd never run rims unless the stud is
    proud of the nut face by at least 1˝ threads. If the end of the stud is below the nut face, then you're not developing
    the full tensile strength of the stud, whose threads require at least 100% engagement with the nut to perform to
    design standards. I'd actually be surprised that any vehicle manufacturer would market their vehicles with short studs,
    but then again I have no experience in that regard. Does/did Land Rover? And if so why?

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    Nearly all Series Landrovers 1948-~1970 had studs shorter than the nut. This was done primarily to protect the end of the studs, and went with the use of double sided nuts.

    Your argument assumes that all nuts are the standard minimum thickness - but this is by no means the case, either for Landrovers or other vehicles. In fact, many wheel nuts are significantly thicker than standard nuts for that thread because the nut includes a taper to seat into the tapered hole in the wheel, while retaining at least the full standard thickness of hexagon.

    Perhaps worth pointing out as well that all Series, Defender/90/110/130,RRC and D1 landrovers have a bigger PCD and larger stud diameter than their competitors, so that the studs are much less stressed than most comparable vehicles.

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    I tried a few different methods, paint stripper, sanding and wire cup and got 3 out of 5 272309’s ready for paint ...
    but then spotted a set of 5 Defender wheels on Gumtree and local.
    Quick and the dead ... got em.
    5.5Jx16x33 tubeless from a 2010 Defender. They’re white but in good nick.
    The guy also threw in an ayg8108.
    2 tyres are ok for spares.
    So revised plan is to:
    Light sand and paint black
    have 2 spares (1 5.5 and the ayg8108 ... a little wider but offset is similar, close enough to get me out of trouble if needed)
    splash out on 4 new 235/85R16 ... from a tyre place that will fit them to a 5.5.
    sell my 272309’s to recoup a bit.

    Thanks for all your comments and advice.
    I now have a plan :-)

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