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Thread: PMG (later Telecom) Land Rovers of the mid-1970s

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    Quote Originally Posted by drfish View Post
    Hi Shonky,

    One of the other members referred me to this old post about PMG series landy pics scanned from your old man. You mention red cars with brush bars and tail light guards etc which seem identical to my vehicle (although someone has butchered my roof). All the photo links to this old post are broken, I was wondering if there might be some way you could let me see them. Mine is a red 1972 2a (might be one of the absolute last 2aís) sold through Faullís in Subiaco.

    G'Day Matt.

    I got a notification that my inbox is full, and found your post. Apologies that the photos are now dead links (as are all of the photos I posted on AULRO) but I no longer have a photobucket account.

    I still have the photos, but since it will take me a while to figure out how to post them back here, it might be easier if I emailed you some?

    I'll empty the inbox now so you can PM me your email address, if you'd like.
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    Thanks Shonky. Perfect, Iíll pm now

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    Like this Ex Telecom Series 3 of Blknights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redback View Post
    Like this Ex Telecom Series 3 of Blknights

    Ah, Flossy.
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