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Thread: QLD rego, blue plates, restorations and engine reversals

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    OK got it done as a ute. I still don't think that is very fair but anyway...

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    Digging up an old one here though wanted to share my experience as it's a recent one.

    My vehicle is currently rego'd in QLD, originally from WA, '66 SIIa 88" with a 202, 2 seats (aftermarket), and as a wagon.

    The vehicle doesnt have any mod plates and the only item they questioned was if it was actually a wagon as the system didnt show a 2 seat wagon. I asked them what it was if it wasnt a wagon and she couldnt tell me. after a few minutes the lady returned and said she didnt know what it was but 'it's a wagon now'.

    My intention is to install a rover motor once the 202 dies so will be interested to see what happens then. There doesnt appear to be any mods to the chassis or cross members so fingers crossed, no issues.

    I am guessing the vehicle had never made it to QLD for rego before which more than likely helped my cause.


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