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Thread: Can 'O' Worms

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    Can 'O' Worms

    Good evening.
    As that Day gets closer, a couple of questions, what may have been talked about before.
    Running in my rebuilt 2 1/4 petrol ?
    Insurance options ?
    Please comment, as i need all the advice I can get.
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    I use Shannons for insurance - they’ll do agreed value, which increases each year with mine without me asking. Cheap too, but I have my vehicles on club reg and insurance is extreme limited use - basically assumes around 4 weeks a year which is about right for mine, they do other options too, so if you are going to use it heaps, that’s no dramas for then either.

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    Shannons will insure your car unregistered whilst in the shed, handy if there is a fire or something goes very wrong.
    When running in now days i just drive the car normally. There may be instructions in the workshop manual or owners handbook if anything special has to be done.
    If you have a new camshaft you may need to run the engine differently for the first 15 - 30 minutes.


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