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Thread: Speedo over reading

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    Speedo over reading

    Hi All,

    As part of sussing out teething problems with my recently finished S2a wide light project, I noticed that the speed over reads by quite a bit, like 10-15%. It's a 1408 TPM unit and I'm running 7.50 x 16 tyres, which I thought was the correct combination.

    Are the speedo's adjustable ? If so, any clues on that ??


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    I assume you mean it reads high.

    Most speedos do and, now, are not allowed to read low.

    Our last three Foresters have read beiween 8-10% high.

    My 2007 Yamaha reads 110 at 100, 100 at 90, etc.
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    The only adjustment is the position of the pointer. With the glass and case removed, you will find that the stop for the needle can be pushed down (its a spring) to allow the needle to move back beyond it. It should point to a tiny white dot on the face. Its position can be moved by carefully twisting it while holding the alloy plate that is pulled round by the magnet (careful not to bend anything). Then depress the stop and put the needle back on the right side of the stop.

    The other possibility is that there is some dirt (or magnetic fragment) between the magnet and the disc, but I would expect that if that were the case, the reading would be very erratic.

    Hope this helps

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