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Thread: Polyurethane or not?

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    Polyurethane or not?

    Thoughts on using ploy bushes in suspension overhaul on series one.thanks john

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    Factory rubber ones lasted for 70 odd years, why consider anything else?
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    Polyurethane are good for holding things rigid for the race track. Black rubber allows a bit more movement for offroad articulation. I would choose original style black rubber.


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    Iím a fan of rubber as well but quality rubber is hard to find
    I went through 3 sets of supposedly OEM panhard rod bushes on my Perentie, Finally fitted poly and no more resultant death wobbles.
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    Recently fitted parabolics from GB Springs , they advise not to use poly , springs come with rubber bush pre installed. They have held up during my testing so must be good ones.

    I did not bother changing the chassis bushes , they are still perfectly serviceable after 45 years, didn't want to risk putting 'indian rubber' in there.

    this from GB springs

    We also do not fit polybushes as we feel from our development work that they will not give a noticeable improvement in suspension performance, we will supply springs without bushes for you to fit your own polybushes. We do feel that whilst polybushes last longer than rubber to metal bonded bushes there is no such thing as a "free lunch", hence the forces that normally wear out the rubber to metal bonded bush must go somewhere and normally with poly bushes they go into the chassis and the chassis will show wear (i.e. Oval holes) at the linkage.

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    I did poly.
    Original Type depends on where it is made


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