Hello again from Sherwood - Friday afternoon and almost sundowners time.

Back last year around July-August I took Mrs S3ute and a family friend across to Africa and had an extensive roam across my old stamping grounds in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. I did post a few snippets from that trip at the time but promised to add a bit more at a later date. But circumstances subsequently construed to make doing that less of an imperative and it went by the wayside.

Well, I suppose a good bit of the previous musings covered lions, their victims (esp. the half chewed Andre) and whatnot. This topic came to the fore again at last week's sundowners when during some polite discourse a colleague threw down the challenge of "where's yer fekking lions then"?

Thinking it over for a minute or so I handed over my iPhone and said "here I guess":

Caught in the act on the edge of Kruger at the Sabie Sands, these two cavortees had been at it for several hours and looked to be prepared to give it a few more goes before going off to kill something or other.

I've seen the S3cat do something like this bit on many occasions but had put it down to simply lazing about - but never one to let a learning experience go begging I was informed that this particular manoeuvre is intended to help the wayward seeds find their target.

And I guess this is the leonate equivalent of having a cigarette:

Isn't nature grand!

Now, back to the fridge......