Hello All,

The vehicle I am about to write about isn't a Land Rover - shock horror! However, it should qualify for the SLOW aspect of our club. I found that patience does pay off. I searched online and something I thought was unobtainable came up for sale. A genuine 1934-35 REO Speed Wagon Parts Catalogue! BTW I have a 1934-35 REO Speed Wagon as my long - long term project.

PLUS I found a supplier for an 1920-1948 Interchange manual and it too is on its way from the US of A. Cross fingers that the parts I need were interchangeable with something like a Chevrolet or a Ford so that I can contact current old spare parts suppliers for parts.

I will be counting down the days until the two packages arrive in the mail. I have been waiting for the find of the two books for years.

Kind Regards