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    Classic Land Rover Mag

    Hello again from Deniliquin - in the finest Christmas tradition doing sfa beyond eating, drinking and in the present case lying on a bunk reading.

    Figuring that few people join clubs that revolve around classic Land Rovers who have no genuine interest in classic Land Rovers including reading about them I thought I might offer up a budgeting tip. Notice a few folks mention waiting for the latest copy of Classic Land Rover mag from the UK to hit the stands in order to catch up on some feature or other. Good idea - but a better one is to actually subscribe directly to the mag. That way you save almost 50% on the local price and get the latest copy about 4 weeks before it hits these shores.

    Key Publishing handle the subscriptions and can be found by Googling 'Classic Land Rover Subscription'.

    Costs about $145 for 24 issues delivered direct. Unfortunately, the other two major UK mags - Land Rover Owner International and Land Rover Monthly don't offer that big a saving on the direct subscriptions. But neither is usually a great source of news or features on leaf sprung Land Rovers either.



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    Nice to know, Tks Neil

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