Well what can I say.. A beautiful weekend with terrific company and I think the best Spring weather Stanthorpe has put on

The locals even commented this is not winter more like Spring.

But I digress...

We met at Boonah then travelled down the Condamine River Road, well most did, then morning tea at The Lavender farm. After some nice Hot Chocolate we ventured into Stanthorpe to get lunch.

The pie shop was closed down after some chat to a local we ventured down the main street to acquire said pies then Nan and pop turned up. They can tell the story..

I added some new spots to stop at which turned out to be a good choice

Antique dealers, several wineries lot of bottles were bought by everyone.

Then the motel which was a very short walking distance, maybe 5 mins, for our Smorgasboard Dinner

Breakfast was in the dining room, nice and hearty.

Off we ventured to the Markets then another Antique/bric-a-back dealer, Cidery, lots of purchases here cheese factory, where more food was consumed then the last bric-a-brac/antique dealer.

Old Stanthorpe Road home which bought us out in Warrick. Made our farewells to everyone as going in different directions.

Was a terrific weekend with terrific company and lots of different things see and do.

Mrs hh