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Thread: Coolah- 28/09 - 4/10

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    Coolah- 28/09 - 4/10

    Well what a great time we had. I did take pics, but I am sure Timj's are better.

    We headed down and arrived to find Tim & Welly just setting up.

    Up to the Trig, highest point around the area, for some spectacular views

    We headed up to the "the tops" on Tuesday, what a speculator day we had, heading down to the Falls then on to a nice picnic area for lunch.

    Tim and Welly headed off to Gulgong on Wednesday to sight see. H and I off to look at "Ronda" the series III that needs attention. Needs some work as the youngest daughter wants as her as her first vehicle. Harry and Tim got her started and drove her to the workshop for some serious brake repairs, I have to keep on Tony's back about that one

    We also had a lovely dinner with other property owners who live in the district while we were there.

    This is a trip that every SLOw member needs to go on too see the vehicles that are on the property, there are many, and the enthusiasm of the owners.

    Mrs hh
    Series Landy Rescue

    Parts, welding, finger folding, Storage, Painting, Fabrication, Restorations,
    Our FB Page..

    '51 80",'56 107 Series 2a, SIII, defender 130, 101 FCx2 + 20+ other series vehicles

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    I had a short time there, basically about 15 hours LOL, after looking around and putting my tuppence in on the lawn mower LOL, I headed off to see some friends who lived within a 1 hour drive of that location.
    I stopped on top of a hill so I could use my mobile phone, whilst talking to my wife I noticed fluid on the floor under the clutch pedal , anyway it was coming down the clutch pedal and slow dripping onto the floor, so I cancelled my tour of the area and headed home, the logic behind that was I figured if the clutch went on me completely I could manage to get 99.999999999% of the way home without too many gear changes.
    On arrival at home I sucked out the fluid with a 20ml syringe, the reservoir had 9mls of fluid in it , anyway it was sent away to be sleeved in stainless steel, here it is getting refitted to the pendant

    all back together now, cheers Dennis



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