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Thread: Mulgowie Markets

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    Mulgowie Markets

    Folks - had a fantastic day out! The rain cleared to a foggy morning, but with the promise of sunshine later, Kat and I got Matilda out and waited for TEC to turn up. During the wait, the ants decided to stay home and the wasp, in typical wasp fashion, was a fly, 8.00am came and went, and with no sign from Dennis Hopper's Harley, and no beamed down Spock, we pinned our hopes (along with Kev) on an appearance from Porky Pig - but he must have seen an old weather forecast as he pulled the pin too.....such is life, so off we went.

    What a lovely drive! Matilda is running just so new engine really purrs.....and with my hot Ipswich tune, we took on Laidley Hill like a race car.

    Anyway - was good to get back to the markets. The crowd was down, given the expected weather, but I met my favourite ventriloquist there! Bill, Marie, Kat and I shared coffee and breakfast....the spirit of soladarity is alive and well! I was very relieved to not be the only attendee for SLOW's first trip of 2015......

    These markets are real farmers markets and Kat and I get to them as often as we can....

    Our Market stash....

    Kat enjoying the sunshine....

    And of course, my British Jeep as always, looking the part....

    Even got a bail of Hay - just for effect....

    Yes - the club's first trip was a winner. Bill just doesnt do the forum thing - who can blame him, but he assures me he's coming to Coolatai and to the Arthur Goddard day.....Remember folks, its easy to organise a trip and get the most from your club....I hope to see some activity from others soon...its a long time since Christmas!
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    Awesome mate. I cant wait to get my Series 2 on the road so I can join in. Fingers crossed I should have it on the road and registered by the 27th of June.




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