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Thread: Brisbane Anzac Day Parade

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    Brisbane Anzac Day Parade

    Having been contacted earlier in the week by Glen Hutley and making myself available to help out i was finally contacted at 13:00 yesterday and asked to roll up in Elizabeth street before 08:30 today...

    well that lead to some furious activity well into the night as i got Madge looking how i thought she should look considering the occasion of the 100th march.

    Up at 05:00 and did the needful things including the obligatory cup of tea for the girl of my dreams around 05:30

    We managed to head off about 06:30 and started the cruise down to the Brisbane CBD

    when did they stop you turning right into Ann street on the northern end of all hallows site?

    so after a quick detour over the bridge and back again we finally made it into creek street etc etc

    we encountered the maze of road closed signs and a few barriers but managed to wend our way through to Elizabeth street

    After an hour or so we were marshaled off to Charlotte street to line up with a couple of jeeps and some currently serving MP's vehicles including a perentie that definitely needs some tappet adjustment!

    Madge ended up with three vietnam era MP's as passengers and we moved off and slowly made our way around the prescribed route to applause and cheers of what seemed an enormous number of people.

    The passengers seemed overwhelmed with the response they received from the crowd, many of whom were quite young.

    at the end of the parade i dropped them off down near their next port of call and proceeded back to Elizabeth street in case i was needed for another circuit.

    I wasn't needed so i slowly started packing up and getting Madge ready for the trip back home while i waited for the girl of my dreams to wander back around.

    Enjoyed the day enormously!

    First trip down the freeway where i haven't used the overdrive

    Lesson learned for the day? if i don't go over 85 kph i don't get oil up the back of the truck

    Made it onto the tv coverage as well it seems with a few of the grandchildren giving me a wave!

    pics to follow
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Brisbane Anzac Day Parade-1.jpg   Brisbane Anzac Day Parade-2.jpg   Brisbane Anzac Day Parade-3.jpg   Brisbane Anzac Day Parade-4.jpg   Brisbane Anzac Day Parade-5.jpg  

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    Yes, I saw you in the parade yesterday. Looked the goods.





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