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Thread: Brass Monkey trip Stanthorpe and surrounds 2019

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    Brass Monkey trip Stanthorpe and surrounds 2019

    Great weekend...

    Got there Friday about 16:00 after a scenic / sightseeing drive up via cuunninghams gap, killarney and a few other places on the way through in the 130

    took a few pics that i will slowly work on getting up

    first are from the lookout at cunninghams gap

    fromthetopofthegap by Dave Blears, on Flickr

    lookingsefromgunninghamsgaplookout2 by Dave Blears, on Flickr

    littlehouseonthewaytostanthorpe by Dave Blears, on Flickr

    thetwoofusatthelittlehouse by Dave Blears, on Flickr

    Was quite a dark and frosty night with not much movement to be seen

    anightatthecaravanpark by Dave Blears, on Flickr

    Saturday was more sightseeing that saw us take in a few wineries, the cider factory, the lavender farm, a christmas shop and a couple of second hand shops north of Stanthorpe before having a few drinks with the crew to celebrate Scallops birthday back at the caravan park

    Sunday, we were off again sightseeing to the south. got to see lots of interesting things including more wineries, chocolate shop, more second hand shops and Wallangarra station.

    atthetrainstationinfo by Dave Blears, on Flickr

    the sunset was spectacular but i only had my phone with me

    stanthorpesunsetonsunday by Dave Blears, on Flickr

    Monday saw us head on up the highway home with a stop at a fruit shop and a coffee shop in warwick

    thank you to all that made the weekend an excellent experience!
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    Excellent photos Dave - thanks
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    Looks like you had some good weather!

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    Was a good weekend even though I was not mobile Good news is the wheel chair is now fixed, so who is ready for another weekend
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    Can't add much too what Inc has posted other than the County had a little moment in the main street. Backing out of a park, it failed to proceed so wound it back in on the starter. With a bit of help from the local RACQ, we found the rotor button needed a bit of a clean and we are all good. On a side note, the RACQ bloke is a Scottish gent that did some time with TVR and has a very good working knowledge of the little bent 8. .

    Over a relaxing coffee on Sunday morning we caught up with a local Landy nut, s3109lr. He (Steve) has a S3 hardtop project (and a few spares ).

    I kept a tally of fuel and Kms for the trip and from Bundy to Brissy, Brissy to Stanthorpe and then back home to Bundy, the County (88 V8 5 speed running 238/85-16) got 14.85 Lts/100Kms.

    Thanks to all that attended, quite a relaxing and enjoyable llooonngg weekend.

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