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Thread: Series II & III Brake Master Cylinders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotz-A-Landies View Post
    Yep them thar brake snails.

    You need to look if the posts are sloppy but mostly the little knotches on ther outside of the cam are work off.

    Some people don't like the replacements, but make sure you loctite the thread.
    G'day Lotz-A-Landies,

    Thank you for the mollusc identification as per the Land Rover taxonomy.

    Why don't some people like the replacements?

    Kind Regards

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    Because the rest of the backing plate may be worn and the snails can come apart.

    You won't find me on: faceplant; Scipe; Infragam; LumpedIn; ShapCnat or Twitting. I'm just not that interesting.

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