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Thread: Dynamo Special Setbolt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scallops View Post
    It's original, and I'm pretty sure my set bolt is too. It's a snug fit in the thread. I don't suspect it's damaged. All my pivot bolts were loose, so I suspect that is why my generator came loose. Happens after a rebuild.

    If I can find a suitable nut, I'll use one.
    My first job was a vacation job as a field assistant with the BMR. It included daily use and maintenance of several Series 1s. And one of the things I remember quite clearly is having to tighten the generator bolts quite often!


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    Dynamo Special Setbolt

    Well, following my first failed attempt at the simplest of tasks - tightening Matilda's fanbelt, it was with some trepidation that I returned to the scene of vast nasal discharge from the week previous and tried again.....

    And this time, it was very easy. Yes - idiot me has managed it!

    What I learnt.....

    1. Don't attempt automotive repairs, however mundane, under the influence of general anaesthesia.

    2. Ask yourself - is it true that anyone who is able to adjust a fanbelt is necessarily a contortionist?

    3. If you find the answer to #2 is false, then think about it for even a few seconds.

    4. Remove the air filter and battery,

    5. Go right ahead and easily adjust dynamo position/fan belt tension.

    6. Refit battery and airfilter.

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