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    Conversion kit

    I've just popped on a couple of photos of a conversion kit that's fitted to a Landrover I'm doing up just wondering if anybody recognises it perhaps is being a commercially made kit or is it just a throw together the bellhousing appears to be definitely commercially made but I'm not sure about the engine mounts I've also put up a photo of the chassis number I've been told that it matches to a 1961 model but when pulling the vehicle apart I found a sticker or a plate on the left-hand door jam on the bulkhead saying that the vehicle comply to United Kingdom specifications for a think for seatbelts or something of 1965 just wondering if anybody could shed any light also just wondering could anybody tell me where to get a gearbox crossmember in Australia for one of these thanks Roland

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    I reckon it's a Johnson Kit.
    They were located in Geelong back in the day.
    There is a "sticky" of their conversion catalogue etc. at the top of the Holden Powered Land Rover page.
    They utilised a cast iron adaptor plate and were one of the better kits, however the engine mounts never
    looked all that classy, but they have stood up to the the job for many decades. I have a couple of vehicles
    here with the identical engine mounts. Your vehicle would have originally had what is referred to as a "Two
    and a Quarter" (2286cc) four cylinder engine in it.
    I still have a wooden box here in the shed that had a Holden Motor Conversion Kit in it which I purchased
    from Johnson's, back in about 1975-1976, for a Series 1 I once owned. It cost me $120 including freight.

    Clifton Scientific Text Services, the Netherlands

    You can "click" on this site above and put your chassis number in for information on the vehicle.
    It comes up as a Series 2A (1962 - 1971) 88 inch wheel base (SW Station Wagon, Petrol engine, RHD (right hand drive),
    CKD (Completely Knocked Down, meaning the way they were packed for export/shipment overseas) and the Suffix D is April 1967 - March 1968.

    Cheers, Mick.
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