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Thread: Stolen GOE 18 Rim @ delivery

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    That is very annoying indeed. Slimy so and so must have been close by to see it delviered like that.

    Gumtree, fleabay or pawn shops.

    I always get deliveries either to my post office box or to a retired mates [place as he is home nearly all the time. Never get stuff delviered at home except for lite-n-easy which funninly enough has never been knicked.

    Don't hold your breath on cops doing anything. If it wappears on gumn tree get a couple of mates and go collect it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victim View Post
    Not good... Even with "signature required" deliveries these days, it's up to luck - I was monitoring the tracking details of a $2K bass guitar amp I recently bought. At 8am on a Sunday morning the doorbell rang - I answered straight away. Just in time to see the courier van tear off, leaving my "signature required" amp sitting on the driveway in plain view of the street....!
    My daughter tells me that the courier takes a picture of it where it was put then rings the doorbell before diving back to the vehicle to avoid delays of having to wait for someone to appear who might also want to check for damage, taking more time.
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