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Thread: Stolen my 2015 Discovery 4 TDV6

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    Be thankful they took the keys and left.

    Iíve known of instances where they canít find the keys and assault the owner to get them.

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    Years ago I owned a Subaru WRX, was a 99 model and I bought it in perhaps 2004 - it had the most amazing tracker installed in it.

    It came with 24/7 monitoring
    was GPS traceable
    the company could open or lock the car doors via satellite (it once worked three levels underground in a car park)
    They could kill the engine remotely
    it had a panic button

    I owned it for a few years and never paid a dime for the monitoring but when I had an issue they still opened it for me.

    The story goes if the car gets stolen they call the police and when they get behind the vehicle the gps locks the doors and kills the engine until the crooks are arrested.

    I can only imagine there would be even better tech on the market now
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    Interesting there were a few short vids on channel 9, tonights news, from the northside mob of car thieves.
    One was a drivers view of a D4,the dash,centre console,etc was clearly visible.

    The vids were recent.

    '99 D2 Gone
    '01 D2 Gone
    '04 D2a Gone
    '12 D4 Gone
    '09 Defender,(sons)sitting in the shed.

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    Thanks Scarry just seen your post!

    This is the link to the video my car is last section of video: burgerIcon

    99.999% sure thatís mine !!

    The type of phone charger is identical but anyone can have that but the clincher is the redarc electronic brake knob position on the centre console in the final seconds of the video. ****ing little ****ers...

    Concerning is that it looks like a samurai type sword handle sticking up between the seats.

    I have decided to accept the losses and move on but will NEVER insure myself with Allianz again.

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    Animals. Shoot to kill order needs to be out there... only way to clean these "people" up...
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    Quote Originally Posted by justinc View Post
    Animals. Shoot to kill order needs to be out there... only way to clean these "people" up...
    I thought the same when I read this:

    Consider the number of hours labour the builder put into building this 5" gauge loco (5" gauge is a big model) to have it destroyed for a little bit of copper. Mongrels!

    Quote Originally Posted by

    Locomotive recovered 3 days after being stolen (sadly very badly damaged and unrepairable). The locomotive was dismembered using crowbars and bolt cutters for the relatively small amount of copper in its boiler and fittings, presumably as scrap for a few $, and dumped into the sea.

    5"g H16 4-6-2 English Tank steam locomotive

    The Illawarra Live Steamers railway club was broken into late last night, and this (and another) locomotive was removed from the Carriage Shed. Evidence of scratches on one of the other locomotives in the shed indicates they were most likely after the copper boilers for scrap value, which is a couple of hundred dollars compared with the thousands of dollars and hours gone into building these. Both locomotives have been to several clubs, running at Galston, Mudgee, Canberra and various other tracks.

    The boiler number of locomotive (commonly known as the 'Warrick') is NC-07-0140.
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    *** Update ****

    Almost 8 month to the day - my D4 has been located in Petrie Terrace when a resident complained that a car had been standing outside their house for MONTHS!!

    Apparently the insurance company is going to Auction it through Pickles. It looks like itís taken a hammering so donít think I will be bidding 😃.

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