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One of the better options.

Hiding keys and wallet often ends in a nesty home invasion. Most occur when occupants are sleeping / more vulnerable.

If they cant get the keys to what they want, the often then threaten and intimidate the owner, usually still half asleep.

Better they take the keys and **** off...
Yeah, my thoughts are along those lines - They can have the 5 year old Hilux with 200,000KM on it or a 6 month old Equinox with 6,000KM on it - both plastered in bright orange signage from our company, so not a target most would want given there's plenty of more desirable vehicles in the street in full view and easy to get to. They other options are the 101, the RRC, the Jag or the Sprinter - the Jag requires the RRC and Sprinter to be moved and the garage roller door opening so that ones pretty safe. The 101 requires the Sprinter to be moved. The Hilux and Equinox are both on the kerbside. The Sprinters keys are well hidden. Anyone wanting the Hilux or Equinox are most welcome to them.

There are also 4 HD commercial quality cameras out the front and the local drug dealer knows they are there and how good they are, but is a good guy and probably tells all his mates to steer clear of our place anyway as we help him out time to time when he has rental inspections - all his motorbikes end up parked in my driveway for the day as the owner isn't keen on his backyard being taken up by his 'collection'.

You only have to make the next property look like an easier target which I think we've achieved.