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Thread: LiFePO4 or Lead Crystal to replace AGM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djam1 View Post
    I understood that you loose a huge amount of capacity as the temperature rises to these levels 40+ degrees.
    I may be wrong its a while since I read the results of tests done
    Hi djam1, I have not specifically looked at charge/discharge performance at elevated temperatures, I do not expect to be operating my system outside the limits I have quoted, or actually anywhere near it. Have you actually measured the temperatures (data logged) inside your battery compartment during your typical use patterns? No idea of your specific application a thought would be insulation,ventilation and reflection (white paint) can be quite effective for reducing the effect of heat soak.

    For some of the earlier comments about how safe these batteries are, have a look at these nut jobs Sinopoly Batterietest - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milton477 View Post
    Will these be individual cells or complete batteries with cell balancing & BMS built in?
    I was supplied with the factory data by the manufacture, when I started testing the batteries. When I get a chance, Iíll post up any relevant info.

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