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Thread: LiFePO4 or Lead Crystal to replace AGM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djam1 View Post
    I understood that you loose a huge amount of capacity as the temperature rises to these levels 40+ degrees.
    I may be wrong its a while since I read the results of tests done
    Hi djam1, I have not specifically looked at charge/discharge performance at elevated temperatures, I do not expect to be operating my system outside the limits I have quoted, or actually anywhere near it. Have you actually measured the temperatures (data logged) inside your battery compartment during your typical use patterns? No idea of your specific application a thought would be insulation,ventilation and reflection (white paint) can be quite effective for reducing the effect of heat soak.

    For some of the earlier comments about how safe these batteries are, have a look at these nut jobs Sinopoly Batterietest - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milton477 View Post
    Will these be individual cells or complete batteries with cell balancing & BMS built in?
    I was supplied with the factory data by the manufacture, when I started testing the batteries. When I get a chance, Iíll post up any relevant info.

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    Thanks PeterJ & others who have offered the benefit of their experience & general advice.

    I have just completed installing 2 x 180Ah LifePo4 batteries in my van that I have put together from scratch.
    There are no multi function smart devices like DC to DC/charger inverters etc in the system. This is a KISS system.

    • The cells are CALB (or China Aviation Lithium Battery I believe), 180Ah, 3.5V.
    • Cells are arranged in 2 banks of 4 cells in series & then paralleled to produce 2 x 180Ah = 360Ah
    • I have followed PeterJ's advice with an Intervolt Low Voltage Relay to protect the system as a last line of defence with a Victron BMV 600s Battery Meter responsible for managing the high & low voltage cutoff using the Low Voltage Relay's override function in the first instance.
    • Individual cell voltages will be monitored by a CellLog8S when they arrive from Amazon.
    • I am not doing any form of cell balancing at this stage.
    • Charging is via 400W of solar to a Victron 100/30 Controller, from the D4, by means of a portable 15A battery charger or a combination of any of the sources.
    • The inverter is an ebay 3300/6600W, have to see how it goes as it is a tenth of the cost of the big brands.

    Total cost was around $3000 but I did already have the BMV 600 & the Solar Controller installed on the AGM batteries.
    Cable is expensive, I bought a roll (25m) of yellow 25mm2 tri rated or panel wire off RS Australia for $90. Yellow is cheaper than the same size red or black, go figure. The cable needs to be soft, not like house wire.
    I already had a cheap ebay hydraulic lug crimper suitable for the uninsulated lugs needed on the cables.

    At the outset I did lots of reading & asked around a bit. Lots of hype, wailing & gnashing of teeth about poofteenths of a volt over 13.8V & under 12.0V vs longevity etc. which you have to wade through. There are also hidden agendas & products & the corresponding mis information that try to lead you in another direction. Then there are the quiet ones who sit there in smug Lithium silence with their coffee machines, microwaves & aircons powered off LifePo4's & don't say very much. These are the people with the real practical advice.

    The obligatory Pics:

    Battery Isolators,
    Inverter Isolator,
    Low Voltage Relay.
    20171117_180751 (Custom).jpg

    2 X battery banks, one on the wheel arch where the AGM's sat
    & the other other on the floor under the bed step.
    20171117_180243 (Custom).jpg20171123_114005 (Custom).jpg
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