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Thread: FYRLYT v Lightforce comparison

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    FYRLYT v Lightforce comparison

    Spotted this on a feed today, well the YouTube link

    Fyrlyt Vs Fyrlyt Nemesis Vs LED215 - Project 200

    Yeah yeah I know 4WD Superstores or whatever they are call practically give away LED lights that are the best ever, but this thread isnít about them.

    If the review has been done fair and equal, although I always wonder when freebies are involved.......oh and funny that the lighforce LEDís were picked.

    Anyways, Iím not sure I would upgrade from my 5000ís (not that Iím allowed to fit them) to the 9000ís, based on the last shots in the video (looking from a camera point of view) the 5000ís give better definition of the trees. I guess in real life it may look different.

    Itís the 100m-200m or less that Iím interested in, the 5000 screen shots defiantly look better.....illumination @ 500m plus isnít required for me.

    Now to battle to get 5000ís okíd to be installed on the defer......

    I think I have mention on here before that I reckon you spend more time on low beam these days when approaching cars with our new age super powerful lights. At times I do a two stage reduction in driving lights to keep the road illuminated for longer.

    I ultimately try am reduce any driving at dusk, dawn or st night, last week the 5000ís on the company car worked a treat.

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    I have put somewhere around 20000km on my nemesis, and wouldnít own anything else.
    Have travelled in friends cars at night with HID, LED etc and it has neither the definition or the distance Iíve seen from my nemesis. Itís also much kinder on the eyes.
    Havenít driven behind a set of 5000s
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    You worry me sometimes Muppet!!

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    Muppet nailed it. You just can not beat full CRI light for performance...

    Light NOT glare at a wavelength your eyes can process effectively and safely is the important bit of any driving light.

    Have had Prototype Nemesis on the D4 since day one and a production set on the 90. Wouldnít use anything else.

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    I went from Halogen Super Cibie Oscars to a high wattage HID kit for the same lights in a warm colour. Like chalk and cheese in terms of performance with the HID killing it. Very cheap DIY job and enjoyable to do (I like recycling bits). But those Nemise do look the business and may not have quite the harsh glare off road signs that the HID's do. For on road highway driving I'm not a big fan of LED.


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