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Thread: Bother and Poo! TD5 Exhaust Stud - Drilled through the water jacket

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    Quote Originally Posted by 67hardtop View Post
    Far out so many eggsperts. Just seal the new stud when u screw it in. Job done. Use stag or gm headstud sealer or even blue locktite 243.

    No need to over think things. Its not the end of the bloody world.

    Cheers Rod
    yeah, no, thats what the one I repaired had had done to it initially, but the heat soak from the exhaust manifold and the creeping it put onto the manifold works it loose.

    you can go overbore the stock stud size by 2mm safely, I've done a few that far for helicoiling.

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    An update to close the loop on this.

    Sealed and re-tapped and started to reassemble expecting everything to go swimmingly.
    It didn't! The re-tapped thread wouldn't torque and stripped. Along the way, another 3 studs snapped off, none of which could be removed.
    Yes, I know I should have replaced the studs, but was in a rush to get it back together and registered!


    Today I'm removing the head off my donor (which had overheated) and I'm going to have it hardness tested and hopefully skimmed.

    If that head has lost hardness or is too warped, I'll weigh up the cost of having the head with broken studs sent to a place that does metal disintegration, then welded and re-threaded, or sourcing a replacement head.

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