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Thread: L322 Key does not turn (Steering Coloumn Issue) solution thoughts

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    L322 Key does not turn (Steering Coloumn Issue) solution thoughts

    Hi Guys,

    This is my first post here

    Currently own a Disco 3 TD & just bought a toy for the sake of it being a Range Rover 2002 L322 3.0 Diesel.

    So long story short i had driven the car home and after detailing etc and 2 days into ownership i noticed the key would no longer spin past the lock point unless i unplugged the battery or pulled fuse 18 out.

    Mind you i learnt the above by doing research online.

    The real reason for my post is other then replacing the steering column and expecting the same problem to eventually arise again.

    Has anyone bypassed the immobilizer by rewiring the start sequence? . As this will ensure it never reoccurs. (I did see one person in america complete this on you tube.)

    I will plan on doing this, this week. But would like some information on it if anyone has successfully done this.

    Kind Regards

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    Well if anybody wanted to know,

    We were able to complete this today although took a lot longer being the first time we had attempted this...

    After watching plenty of videos and reading a lot of peoples issues and fixes.

    We came to the conclusion to try something different.

    We located the immobilizer, which is located next to the gear stick & Ignition barrel. (White box with 6 wires in it)

    Once we had found it we added a relay with power to the wire which the immobilizer would provide power to crank once it determines it is OK too.

    The reason for the relay was to ensure you cannot start it whilst it is out of Park.

    in order for this to work we also removed the pinon from the ignition switch to allow it to rotate to the position of our choosing.

    Now we did not need to change the steering column which has saved estimated ($1200), I will drive this over the week to see if any issues arise.

    feel free to ask any questions

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