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Thread: Brake renewal scam?

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    It cost me $1800 to have a set of heavey duty DBA rotors and pads fitted front and rear on my 2004 D2a and that included a brake fluid flush as well.
    These are a top of the line brake components and you Can get cheaper pads and rotors which wont be as effective But will still do the job for much less $$$ So the $2500 quote is most definitely a rip off.
    Changing the rotors and pads is a fairly easy job so you should be able to do the work yourself to save a few quid
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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    You had a mechanic look at it and he said you could get away with just replacing the disc pads.
    Any mechanic will be able to replace the disc pads, they don't need to be a Land Rover specialist.
    Why didn't you get the mechanic who did the inspection to carry out the work required ?
    The mechanic may have assessed that the discs are below their minimum legal thickness so would not be able to just fit new pads whereas an unlicensed person wouldn't get into legal strife with just fitting pads ignorant of the minimum thickness criteria.
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