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an air tank system is one of those nice to haves but has its practical limitations. First, to inflate 4 tyres you need a tank far larger than you can sensibly fit in a 4wd. After half a tyre you are relying solely on the compressor. Secondly, a decent compressor with a good duty cycle is $$ or you compromise with a small capacity compressor that takes morning tea to air up. Other than a reservoir to hold air for a lockers (that don't need much air or pressure) a tank isn't much use once its short contribution comes to an end. If you are setting up an air bag system, that is different and i'd point you to AccuAir ENDO Tanks - AccuAir Suspension that has the compressor, solenoid and valving all in the tank.

While i generally dislike ARB. Their twin motor compressor is the best thing in their catalogue. switches between the 2 compressors to maintain 100% duty cycle. It's quick enough and compact compared to the range of Chinese made compressors (no criticism of the chinese versions, i have one and its still going strong after 10 years). I fitted my ARB twin motor under the drivers seat of the defender after moving the fuses and relays to a Mulgo box. Only criticism is the fright when the compressor kicks in under your bum and not expecting it.
Mate has the arb twin set up in his ranger, seriously good. He inflated his 4 x 35 2 of my322 by the time I done my other 2 tyres with my tjm portable compressor