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Thread: Dobinson Flexi coil ?

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    Dobinson Flexi coil ?

    Hi all ,
    does anyone have any idea what the spring rate is for the dobinsons flexi coil C51-099 Is ?
    all they said was that it was a 3" lift with no load and that its a soft Flexi coil .

    kings at least gave me a spring rate and free length 190-400 lb/in and 485mm free length
    thanks for any help

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    can't help with the -099. This is the data i have on other Defender flexi coils in the Dobinson range.

    Standard range:

    Dobinson range
    Front C51-026 17mm
    385 mm free length
    285 lbs/in
    static 285mm FD
    285mm FP
    bumpstop 119mm pos 22mm
    Rear C51-009T 22mm
    410mm free length
    540 lbs/in
    static 345mm RD
    345mm RP
    bumpstop 145mm Neg 7mm
    C51-059T 21mm 450lbs/in
    free length 440mm
    theoretical static about 300mm
    Flexi coil range
    Front C51-198V LF 17mm RF 17.5mm
    progressive LF 460 free RF 475mm free
    240 lbs/in to 280 kg
    2?? Lbs/in from 280 kg
    static 350 mm 360mm
    bumpstop ?? mm
    For D110 / Perentie
    Rear C51-199V 19.0 mm
    progessive 540 Free length
    294 lbs/in between 300-600kg
    342 lbs/in from 600kg
    actual static L 420 mm R 395 mm
    bumpstop 190 mm
    C51-203V (rear) progressive - for D130
    wire (5 turns) 20.5mm
    left free length 530mm
    right free length 550mm
    theoretical static 420mm
    actual static L 430mm R 430mm
    rate 440 lbs/in 72NM at load

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    Interested in the info also. Have a set in the shed that came with my disco when I bought it, have to recheck the numbers. I couldn’t find much info online when I looked.
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    Thanks very much for that great info

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