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Thread: Ashcroft center ATB differential

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    Quote Originally Posted by onebob View Post
    My own TC has done almost 450,000km and the donor TC 290,000km. Both helical gear sets donít appear to be as worn as those in your pic.
    The problem in both my boxes was with the worn / missing thrust washers and the diff pinion gears grinding metal on metal.
    The spider gears look quite ok as do the cross shafts. Could you just clean the housing and fit new shims ? Certainly replacing this with an ATB diff is a good idea to save machining the case to try and get the standard diff working again.
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    Yes I agree , I was just about to post the same thing.
    New bronze bushes would take away 90% of the slop.
    These gears only rotate when the car is turning or there is a diameter difference between the front and rear tyres.
    Of course if you spin a front wheel regularly all bets are off.

    Regards PhilipA

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