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Thread: TD5 Fuel Pump GOSS vs VDO/Siemens

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    TD5 Fuel Pump GOSS vs VDO/Siemens

    My son found an interesting animation on youtube. Fuel is pulled in through the bottom of the pump and up through the pump body and through the brushes and commutator and then out the topů..

    How does a fuel delivery module work? (3D animation) - YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by gruntfuttock View Post
    Moreys is good stuff, I use their oil treatment in the engine religiously. .....
    I used to use it in the swivels on my RRC back in the day. Using recommended oil(I think some gear oil .. can't remember) it used to leak. New chrome, new seal .. maybe lucky to see a few K klms before a leak would reoccur again. Moreys didn't stop the leak, but delayed it more .. IIRC, a lot more.

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    My fuel pump has lasted longer than the engine.

    My D2 has around 220,000 on it with original fuel pump.

    New second hand engine recently fitted.

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