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Thread: Fusible link melted

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    Fusible link melted

    The other day on my 300Tdi Disco, I used jumper leads from my Aux. Battery to the start battery as it didn't have enough to start the car. As I turned the engine over I noticed smoke from under the bonnet and a small flame from the burning insulation around the fusible link. I can't understand why a fuse isn't used instead of the fusible link, which is a fire hazard. Now I will have to replace the wiring as the wire to all glow plugs has burnt/bubbled insulation as well,(after I find out the cause of the short) but my question is, What size Maxi fuse should I use instead of the fusible link?. (The glow plug relay is rated at 70A )

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    RAVE says 60a. Try raiding a Ford - their high rated fuses are the same as the type in the Disco engine bay.



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