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Thread: Key items for servicing

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    As we've just rolled over 85,000km in 3.5 years here's the quote to have the F&R diffs done plus transfer case.

    • Transfer Case Oil - $170.42
    • Front Diff Oil - $146.60
    • Rear diff Oil - $146.60
    • Labour - $216
    • GST - $67.96

    BTW LR reckons these only need to be changed at 260,000km or 10 years.

    Add rear disc pads, hopefully rotors are within spec, plus an EAS compressor that is acting kind of weird at times and the credit card may take a beating. This is a milestone service for our D4 so I'm hoping to not have to repeat it over the next 3 years of ownership.

    Given we have towed either an Ultimate or AOR Q+ for 90% of the distance travelled I reckon that's pretty cheap insurance. If it was anything else I would be on my second or third set of suspension by now.

    I remain totally happy with the performance and reliability of the car thus far. Servicing is for me at least and given our high duty cycle relatively low cost insurance


    MY15 TDV6. Compomotives with KO2's, Traxide 160-DBMS, Llams, OE bar, custom rear storage slide, Rhino roof storage system, LSM TPMS, ICOM 440N, rear ladder and GOE compressor guard

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    Don't forget to replace the plastic coolant outlet LR73372 before it splits/leaks, at the same time check top hose LR095544 is not wearing where the engine cover crosses it.Earlier 3.0lts blowing smoke on acceleration update oil drain to LR087351 on 2nd turbo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerthDisco View Post
    Key Item, regularly clean and properly adjust EPB at back discs for long life and trouble free performance. (And always release before driving off)
    Mine just fell apart at 52K. Never used without releasing. Stealer has ordered a new electronic module.
    I had told them about 2 weeks before it wasn't operating properly....sometimes not holding the vehicle when applied, but the service manager didn't seem concerned. "We'll check it when you bring it in".
    Horrid screeching came from it when the RAC was checking it.
    I reckon it was constantly wearing as we drove and as far as I'm aware it's never been adjusted.
    A lesson learned there.

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