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Thread: D3 Electric Trailer brake wired-photo

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    Ok, so that seemed to work. Still not sure why there is no cable to pin 5 in the 12S socket.

    Haven't actually taken the caravan for a run yet, but the controller is showing all the right signs.

    The word 'catch' in the descriptor for pin 1 - I think this is for an electronic catch for a manual override trailer brake. normally there is a small catch, or physical switch, that stops the brakes from working when you reverse. I have seen some setups where this is an electronic switch that can be set from the driver's seat. So I think I'm safe to use this cable. Must mean that somewhere up from there is already a cable that connects to Pin 1 in 12S, which would save running a cable back in the first place.

    Hope this helps someone!
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    Wiring in a controller

    Hi All, Is there a reason a controller can't just be wired in like on a 'normal' car without the need for the diode and cutting into the rear harness and all that?? Seems complicated. I've already run a heavy feed wire from the battery to under the dash to feed the controller, then a heavy service brake wire to the rear of the car to supply the brakes. While I was in the fuse box under the glovebox I put a piggyback fuse in the brake light wire circuit so that should be the signal for the controller to activate. So, why can't I just run the service brake wire into the loom down near the plug or into my 12N to 7 Flat adapter or something, or even splice it into the service brake wire in the rear fuse compartment? I'm probably oversimplifying it though, just seems all a bit complicated... still have to get my noggin around it.
    Is where I've taken the brake light feed from theoretically OK?

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    Electric trailer brake controllers

    Have found that there is a difference in how the electric brake controllers have to be wired depending on whether you have "electric' brakes, or "electric over hydraulic" brakes on what you are towing.
    It seems that the latter requires a constant feed to one of the wires (to keep trailer brake battery on charge), and that may be lead 2 or lead 5.
    As my electric over hydraulic trailer is sometimes loaned to those with controllers set up for "electric" (only) brakes, I had the auto sparky wire me up a connector plug where he had bridged the reverse wire to supply constant power.
    BUT. When reversing the trailer they have to remember to unplug the connector as the brakes come on when they select reverse and cannot reverse trailer.

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