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Thread: Auto Electrics De-Mystified

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    Auto Electrics De-Mystified

    First let me state I'm no expert so please note any errors or add more info below and I'll update to this OP. Thanks.

    Online Instructions

    Automotive Online Instruction


    There is plenty on YouTube -

    auto electrical basics - YouTube (just for a start).

    Be aware, though, that not all YouTube stuff is accurate.


    The essential diagnostic tool you will need is a multimeter.
    There is a thread on the topic here: Auto Electrics - How to Use a Multimeter

    Stripping & Crimping cable
    Fundamental to any auto electrical job is proper stripping and crimping of wire.

    There is a thread on the topic here:Auto Electrics - Stripping, Crimping and heat shrink


    A good explanatory video on how relays work and how to wire them up.

    Land Rover Specific

    Lucas Wire Colour Codes

    Lucas wire colour codes for Land Rover
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