Some basics for codes

Basic Instructions For Eurovox 5580 as fitted to Land Rover Discovery II Models
There are is a lot of confusion over some of the stereo?s fitted to 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery II?s. There may be more than 1 model fitted, These basic instructions are for what I believe is the 5880 model as fitted to Australian models. The models listed in the Land Rover JRL website do not cover this for some reason. If you have the following models R660, C-42 or R990 go to the Land Rover JRL Topix website for user manuals. Most people are publishing the R990 specs as this seems to be the instructions in user manuals and may be incorrect.

Code Reset
When resetting you will get 3 attempts to enter the code and then it will lock you out for 1hr. This can be reset by disconnecting the battery.
1. Turn on unit
2. Code 1 will appear
3. Using keypad punch in 4 digit code straight away eg 1,2,3,4 (Do not try and hit any preset buttons etc as in other instructions)
4. Radio should now work and be able to be tuned.
5. If you get it wrong next attempt will be Code 2 and then Code 3. If you still get it wrong it will lock out for 1hr or until battery disconnected and re-connected.
6. For testing a head unit to see if it works without the code follow above procedure and type in 1111 and this will enable operation of the unit for 3 minutes. This applies to most Eurovox Units and is a test function only.
CD Changer
There are various CD Changer units, the most common being a 10 stack unit.
Load CDs
Press CD button and CD will load.
To change CDs press and hold the  up or  down