Yesterday I carried out a couple of jobs on the County that have been needing to be done for some time.

The first was the RH rear brake. About a year ago, I replaced the shoes and drums both sides, as well as new pads in the front (front rotors still look nearly new, only done 600,000km, two sets of pads. During that time I have put three sets of shoes in the back.

When I replaced the rear brakes, I found that the RH one was touching at one point in the rotation, so that I could not adjust the shoes up to get a really good pedal without it dragging and getting hot. My initial thought was that I has a burr or a bit of rubbish cocking the drum slightly, but the mating surfaces were clean. Then, about a week ago, the thought struck me - about six months ago I got given the brakes from someone who had converted to discs - I can't remember who. "I wonder what those drums are like?". So I pulled out one of them, and was interested to see that it looks virtually new. So on it went, and adjusted the brake. A very marked improvement, although yet to go for a long test drive.

The second thing was the thermostat. Almost ever since I got the car, it has tended to overcool, With winter coming up, I decided to do something about it, so the heater works at least a bit. I have put about three thermostats in it so far.

With this in mind, last summer I bought a new thermostat (and seal) - a genuine Isuzu one! I checked the one that I took out by heating it in a saucepan and measuring the temperature it opens at. Right on the specified figure of 80C. But looking at it closely, it does not fully close, remaining open about 2mm. Interestingly, the Isuzu one has a rubber seal on the moving valve.

Again, have yet to go on a longer test run - see how it behaves on the trip to town next week.