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Thread: 99 130 4BD1T conversion

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    If the adaptor case doesn't cover the inter hole the shaft can be knocked out the gear drops down and towards the output shaft leaving enough room to remove imput gear .Works with either
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fubar View Post
    I find this interesting considering I have yet to drag home a gearbox. Is this with a 4BD1 or 4BD1T? I take it you have the high ratio gears? With 3.54 diffs, 1.11 (LT95) high range gears and 235/85's you should be spinning at 2615rpm in 4th to do this your set up? Are there lower gears (numercially) for the LT95? Cheers, Jason
    The 4BD1T in my 130 is an ex Perentie 6x6 with the standard TB2518 compressor. I understand that at 100km, I still have about 1000rpm more to play with. I don't like maxing the revs on any engine but there are times when have taken it out.
    The LT95a is standard ex perentie 4x4 with .996, and diffs standard 3.54.
    All Land-rover, and no 'dogs breakfast' 'this goes with that' mucking about with cables, flanges, remote or divorced transfer case, a housing that marries the MSA to an LT230 that may or may not be up to the job in the long run, darling little UV spud shafts that may or may not be up to the job, cut & shut prop-shafts, speedo issues and etc and etc time consuming fiddly things including modification to tunnel housing/floor and gearshift/transfer shift solutions. It seems everyone whom has done this has employed one or seven different thoroughfares in terms of addressing the multiple issues. Then there is machinery inspection. Mine passed through in under an hour because it was obvious that factory parts were used where possible. I'm wondering why someone would want to make life exponentially harder for themselves because a 'five speed' is always better than a four speed. The four speed is a great gearbox and the gear spacing is made for the vehicle under all conditions. It will take years of minor fuel savings to pay for the effort in fitting the five speed over that of the four speed...
    The conversion I performed used standard 110 4 sp front prop, rear is same as any 130, gearbox mounts normal 110 four speed, perentie radiator, upgraded 3300lb clutch. Even the throttle cable is standard 300Tdi defender along with all of the clutch hydraulics except the slave cylinder actuation rod which is isuzu/landrover specific along with some of the pipework (thanks Brian). Only issue remaining is the compressor to intake manifold inlet line, which is pressing a bit on the bonnet when shut. My Perentie mounts locate the engine a bit high for this but at least I am totally guaranteed clearance at the sump. Lifting the body two inches presents another lot of issues with respect to drive-ability through high speed turns. I have retained the anti-roll bars to help with this, and the fact that the isuzu donk and LT95a is much heavier than the old 300/R380. Mine feels ok through road use, neither floaty nor rolly-polly…
    I haven't fitted an intercooler but do have a Holset HE221w ready to go along with the extended radiator cowel. KLR supplied the power steering lines from memory, cost was $268.
    cheers. steu

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