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Thread: Turbo Musings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vern View Post
    Sell the county to me and i'll put a turbo and more on it.
    SO soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zcoota View Post
    I guess for the Vicroads side of things if I'm running a lower boost I may be able to avoid the need for engineering as well because I won't have a massive power increase. As the end of the day I'm pretty happy with it as it is, just wouldn't mind a little more go to keep the speed up hills and to be able to overtake sometimes.
    Try giving your insurer a call, I use RACQ, and when I told them I did an engine swap to a 4BD1T, they did not seem very fussed and happily added 'engine replace increase size' to my policy.

    There's a bit of a concensus that fitting a turbo to an old model deisel is ok.

    As for vicroads, a mod plate was easy too because there were no chassis modifications, the fact you are really only modifying the exhaust I really don't think you will have any problem. I think really a mod plate is only necessary if you have yearly inspections or the possibility of being inspected by transport.

    As someone mentioned earlier, 20% sounds like all you need anyway, keeping the boost under 10psi will give you that and not stress the motor too much, if you fit the original garret turbo (or something like it) I think you will achieve your goal.

    Wheather or not your gearbox will 'survive' depends more on your driving style IMO. Take it easy on 5th if you have a LT85, otherwise no sweat with the LT95, althought they say the transfer case dosent like too much more power through it, but it will be fine for a while, as I say just drive it like you will be the one to fix it not like you stole it!

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    Hi, as Phil b said they came out from the factory I thought as a civilian 110 wagon with the turbo and it had the same everything else as the non turbo 110 and the V8 110's so I would have thought there was no need to worry as it will in effect become just another 4bdit vehicle--I may be wrong but I am sure you could get the turbo version as anew car??? I in fact converted my blown up V8 110 county to a 4bdit --well Bruce Davis did it and it was a ripper--it was actually a pre-release 110 that Asquith and Johnson took on a major expedition with two others and its door signage said 110 not County as it was pre-release. Think it rusted away eventually.

    There must be someone on here who has /had a brand new turbo 110 civilian wagon--let us know. Maybe ring KLR in Sydney who do these conversions all the time to both civilian and army models.

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