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Thread: Another turbo question

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    Another turbo question

    Hi guys,

    My Perentie has arrived in NZ. The owner across the ditch intended to put a turbo in but sold to me before he did..... So I have a box of bits.
    I'm handy but a mechanical noob so I have some questions.....

    Compressor is a Garrett M-24 A/R80
    Turbine is a Garrett M3 R64
    The middle bit looks to be water cooled with banjos and piping, plus oil feel pipe included. I suspect these are off the donor vehicle so wont fit.

    The Turbine attached to a manifold. but the Turbine and compressor are separated, they can seat together but I can't see they should be secured together.

    So the Questions...
    1. Is this Turbo (bits) suitable for the 4DB1? Is it too big/small, what would it's performance be like?

    2. How the hell does the compressor 'secure' to the turbine!???

    3. Do I need to water cool the Turbo or is oil enough?

    4. Are there any good instructions for installation, e.g. parts list, process etc

    5. waste gate? I've heard guys just wire these shut?

    Or should I just bin the lot and buy a KLR kit with instructions!!??


    20190513_111238.jpgturbo compressor.jpg20190513_111255.jpg

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    pic one. the waste gate connector is bent so the arm doesn't sit well.... will need some persuasion

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    Got a pic of the other side of the compressor?
    Water is not needed too.

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