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Thread: Turbo Exhaust Routing

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    Turbo Exhaust Routing

    Can't believe it's been a year since I fitted a turbo! Anyway, no regrets at all.

    At the time I did minimal changes to the exhaust. I left the original County exhaust running along the LHS sill and just made a new dump pipe. I planned to up-size the exhaust in the future.

    So now I have ordered a LRA sill tank for water on the LHS (I already have a fuel sill tank on the RHS). But I need to re-route the exhaust for it to fit.

    I know one of teh other forum members who has the exhaust going under the starter motor and between the chassis rails. I would like to do this but I have the winged sump pan and clearance looks tight.

    What have others done to solve this? Should I be looking for a replacement pan? Or are there other options?

    Current dump pipe

    Re-route option (but not with winged sump??)

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    Perenties with sill tanks both sides still run the exhaust close to the LHS tank, I think you have seen my exhaust on another thread.
    Does your new sill tank not allow any room for exhaust behind it?
    your best option might be to modify the sump you have just enough to get the clearance you need.

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    I have regretted routing mine over starter like above. (3")

    is a bloody pain when doing clutch, clutch slave, starter or pretty much anything in that area.
    If you do, try put a flange just above starter with captive bolts in a way that's easy to get at.
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