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Thread: X eng deflex kit

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    i can't comment on the X eng dislocation arm, but like you i'm a heavy 130 on air suspension. Historically i did not run sway bars but with air i find that i need more body roll control than i did with coils. I recently bought, yet to install, the Design Fab Industries torsion bar. After advice from DFI I went with a medium torsion bar. If you want an idea, google the currie Anti-rock torsion bar. Same set up. Must say the DFI kit is completely overkill for my intended use. It's massive, its strong with large hiem joints. It was designed for the comp boys and its build quality reflects that. It assumes you weld on tabs to your diff housing. Instead of that, i bought a Whiteline sway bar link for a D4 that is adjustable and has 12mm stud ball joints which fit both the factory ball joint mount on the diff and the DFI bar. You can get different lengths in the link and Whiteline sell a generic 12mm stud link which is cheaper. i run a long range tank with extensions on the sway bar mount so i only need 110-115mm of vertical rise for a horizontal bar. i only raise this option as an alternative if you wanted a permanent sway bar that will offer a balance between on road manners and off road articulation. Another option is Kingpin Design and Fab who sells a hybrid LR set up.

    Whiteline KLC180-115 Sway Bar - Link 110-135mm H/Duty Ball Joints, 12mm Ball Stud
    Whiteline W23255 Sway Bar - Link 90-320mm Universal

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    May be look at the Kingpin Design and Fabrication swaybar kit, don't need to disconnect it.

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