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Thread: Early range rover engine swap,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vern View Post
    Will admit you would need a hoist. Used to take me about 3hrs to get the body off my LSE. We did this with my bro in laws disco, body off onto new chassis in a day, no having to lift engines and gearboxes in and out, and no measuring and welding.
    Same year Disco to Disco swaps is one thing, early RRC to later D1 chassis is a whole another thing. LSE's don't come in a huge range of year models either. Oh and I'll say it again, measuring and welding is quick if you're even moderately clever with tools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87County View Post
    still illegal verny, we'll draw up a roster to call in on visiting day
    Amazing how many are out there like this.

    I would much prefer a 20 year newer chassis
    1976 LR 90 Hybrid GONE
    1985 RRC chev GONE
    1997 D1 V8 GONE
    1973 RRC Gone
    1980'RRC Build in progress GOING
    Disco wrecking 93 & 94
    1993 RRC LSE

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    I know a guy with a 300tdi conversion in a Range Rover. He is very pleased with it. When he started work on the conversion I asked why he didn't go Isuzu 4BDt. He said he wished to keep it all Rover.

    I have seen a number of engine swaps into RR's. Among them Falcon 4.0 SOHC inline six, Chrysler Hemi 6 265, Buick 350, P76, Chev, Chrysler, Ford small block V8's. Yes, those inline sixes do fit with quite a bit of room left over. The Hemi 265 was a delightful drive. Fast, responsive. It had a Quadrajet four barrel carb and the split cast iron headers from CM Valiant plus a mild higher end camshaft. The Buick 350 was the alum head big valve high performance option. It was a bit of a rocket ship. I didn't get to drive any of the others. The Falcon 6 version was offered for sale at an auction of general goods and looked to have been well used. In horse terms, ridden hard and put away wet.

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    Iíve always thought V6 out of late model commodore with its auto would be a nice conversion. Shorter and less weight than LS1 but would still go wellEarly range rover engine swap,

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