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Thread: Discovery TD5 Engine Conversion using Isuzu 4JJ1

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    Discovery TD5 Engine Conversion using Isuzu 4JJ1

    Hey All,

    I just want to touch base and see if anyone here managed to install the Isuzu 4JJ1 engine into a Land Rover. I am looking at doing something similar in my Discovery 2. My TD5 is getting a little tired and needs a rebuild. So I have decided to move away from this and install the Isuzu 4JJ1.
    Does anyone know if there is a Bellhousing for the R380 Manual that will bolt to the 4JJ1? If this is too hard I will look at using the 6 speed manual from the new D-max once I can find a good affordable donor car. The 6 speed manual option I feel would be a bit more work due to connecting the LT230 to the Aisin AWR6B45 6 speed Manual from the Isuzu, New transmission mounts, transfer box location, prop shaft modifications etc.

    I have chosen the 4JJ1 engine as it is a simple truck engine. Lots available in Australia, very affordable replacement engine and will be a good reliable engine for long distance driving. They are also comfortably producing about 400hp at the wheels with modification and tuning at a few diesel performance workshops around Australia.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    My thoughts

    4JJ1 is a great engine, I often throw the same idea around for my Rangie, usually after the third tank of fuel in a weekend!

    My thoughts would be to use the engine and trans from a D-Max / M-UX as there doesn't seem to be any adapters available to use a LR transmission, and my 4HP22 probably wouldn't appreciate being behind a 4 cylinder diesel anyway. Although with your R380 this isn't a concern.
    I have seen some low volume / one-off adapters to use the LT-230 behind an Isuzu trans, but usually the older 5 speed manuals.

    It is possible to run the LT-230 as a "divorced" transfer case, which would save having to find an adapter, but I am not sure if the engine-trans combination would be short enough to make it all fit.

    My preference would be to use a pre 2008 D-MAX 4x2, pre 2008 as they have a simpler emissions package and I don't think they use an immobilizer (not %100 sure though), and 4x2 so that I could run the LT-230 divorced without having to muck about deleting the Isuzu transfer case.

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    MD Engineering in the UK have done 4JB1 conversion kits for Land Rovers. I do not know if the 4JB1 and the 4JJ1 share bellhousing bolt pattern or not but may be worth chasing up.

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