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Thread: Defender 130 camper conversion

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    Defender 130 camper conversion

    Hi all

    This is my first post on the AULRO forum - apologies in advance if I have not followed all protocols.

    I am lucky enough to have completed an overland trip from Singapore to London in a 110 TD5 Defender a few years back. Here is a picture of the car in Mongolia. We blew a diff in the Gobi Desert a little later - but other than that the car didn't miss a beat over 53,000km.


    Privacy in a roof tent can be a challenge in busy locations, like downtown Beijing. So, we are now starting to build a camper based on a 130 Puma with the help of Styromax. The drawing below shows what we are planning. It will be a pop-top so it can fit in a container (assuming we can travel overseas one day...). Our starting-point has been a dual-cab, which has been pretty simple to strip down to and install a sub-frame to take the camper body.

    I do need some help with finding a fabricator, preferably knowledgeable about Defenders, who can help cut the roof panel and fabricate the side panels behind the B-pillar to join the cab with the camper box. I'm based in Brisbane, so any recommendations in SE Qld would be appreciated.

    Defender CAD.jpg

    Thanks for your help.

    Regards, Jon

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    Welcome to the Forum Jon. We look forward to seeing the build in future posts.

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    Sorry I can't help with finding a fabricator, looks like a good project. I'm fairly new to Brisbane also. You could try the Brisbane LRO club, there's a couple guys there who run Land Rover based businesses.

    Keen to here more about your last trip in the Td5.

    Cheers Discofender

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    Not sure how your had planed to build it, but have a look at these guys.

    StyroMAXCategory: Products |

    Even in you part of the world.
    Looking forward to seeing the results.


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