Finally started to get my shed up and running.
It's been a bit of an ordeal .. just for a bleeding shed!
Anyhow, anomalies with specs and stuff dealt with, and weather finally stopped incessantly precipitating furiously after 3 wacky wet weeks.

Here's a pic of where we got too when I finally had the chance to get a pic.


The biggest delay was primarily the concreter stuffed up the slab.
Was supposed to lay 12 footings, 4 on both edges spaced evenly and also 4 footings where the column on the RHS of the pic shows.
I helped the concreter lay the slab, I barrowed with his lacky, while he spread. So I knew first hand there wre no inner footings laid there.
The shed Co. supplied(everything I needed) and in the pack were the thread studs to anchor the column brackets. You can see the outer footing bracket on the far right.
The studs are supposed to be anchored 5" deep, with 1" above ground to screw too, chemset into the concrete.
This is the first time I'm using chemset, so wanted to minimise any stuffups at my end .. ie. my fault.
BUT! .. it made no sense having 5" deep studs, plus the 1" required below that for the epoxy as well .. when the concrete depth was only 4" where the inner footings were supposed to be, which as said before, having helped to lay the slab, I knew were not there.
That is, I was going to be epoxying into the crushed rock underneath the slab.

Contacted the shed mob to ask how I'm supposed to anchor 5" studs into 4" slab, and there were trying to assure me that there were footings there.
They couldn't get it through their thick heads that I helped lay the slab, and KNEW there were no footings.
They took a little time to contact the concreter and confirm(with pics) what I was telling them was 101% accurate.
Anyhow, a week or so lost there. they got back to me and recommended I use dynabolts for those missing footing pad areas!
From that point on, we had nothing but rain.

The other anomalies in the pack were a few brackets that just wouldn't fit as their instructions, and some of the sheets look to be a bit too long for their locations.
I sorted the out of spec brackets, and I'll play around with the sheets to use others that will fit and stuff like that.

Overall, the entire kit is a pleasure to play with.
I'm a bit geeky in that the build is more my interest than the thing I'm building, or making or fixing and whatever.

I was going to rent a scissor lift to do the roofing and other really hig stuff(4m height), but the D1 + roofrack, plus a couple of spare tyres on rims inflated did the trick just nicely.
I reckon it'd have saved us about an hour of work had I rented the scissor lift, as opposed to using the D1's natural height for the job.

ps. safety wise, it's not a problem at all, and feels totally safe. First time up there and doing some of the higher roof purlins, I had a strap to attach to the roofrack, but found it more of a hazard, and not required.
Having the 2x2.5m flat rack to walk around on felt totally natural.

pps. when your doing 700+ nuts/bolts on a job like this, the dugga-dugga gun is a must!

I'll post more pics as it gets close to finalised too.

Woohoo! I got a shed .... finally